Sole intent, with deep intensity

…taking the next step in Ashiatsu training

I am excited to share with you that I am expanding the content presented in my Ashiatsu courses, and will be offering a new line of barefoot massage classes this year.

 I can’t wait to get you ankle deep into more ashiatsu training…

After 14 years practicing and 8 years teaching Ashiatsu DeepFeet Bar Therapy, after teaching over 800 massage therapists the art of ashiatsu in the 100 scheduled classes that I’ve offered over the years, after being such a vocal advocate, a dedicated instructor, and loyal representative of the technique, I decided to leave Ruthie and the DeepFeet company on February 15th, 2017.

For quite a while I have felt that I have more to offer the future of barefoot massage therapy, and I believe that this transformational work needs to grow, and it needs to offer more opportunities for experienced ashiatsu therapists in the field who are hungry to do more with their feet. My departure from DeepFeet allows me provide the content that my base of students have continually been asking me for within their strokes.

It’s not just me. I am part of a collective movement to take ashiatsu to the next level. We are calling the new technique “FasciAshi”, a name reflecting ashiatsu’s strong impact on the fascia, and the anatomy focus I’ve always put into all of my classes. You’ll learn trigger point, myofascial release, passive and resisted range of motion techniques in our classes now. You’ll learn how to manipulate tissue with your feet just as intuitively and creatively as you do with your hands.   We have new strokes that work right on Psoas and Iliacus. Expect to see new sports massage courses and clinical techniques to help your footwork get more specific for injury treatment and rehabilitation to help you grow and specialize in Barefoot Massage. We will have an interactive post-class support website for our alumni, as well as bigger ventures across the nation that are on the horizon. The work we teach has been tried and tested on a variety of clients from a variety of massage therapists over the past 14 years – each stroke tested for safety, body mechanics, and efficiency – it’s not just cool looking strokes or a remixed routine, it’s amazing work that you and your clients will really benefit from.

You’ll learn how to manipulate tissue with your feet just as intuitively and creatively as you do with your hands.

Because of this change, any classes I teach will no longer be offered under the Deepfeet umbrella, but rather under the Center for Barefoot Massage– a new partnership company comprised of myself and other experienced professionals and colleagues – a team that is growing. If you trust my knowledge, experience and understand my passion for this material and want to learn from the collective expertise that the “FasciAshi” instructor team has to offer, you are welcome to take the next step in your ashiatsu career and attend our upcoming classes across the nation – not just in Texas!

Please let me know if you have any questions, if you’d like a taste of this new style, don’t miss my 8 hour class at the Texas AMTA convention in Waco on March 31st, and visit me to see it in action in the booth at the vendor hall. My schedule is posted through July, so visit my TexasAshiatsu page to sign up!
Keep your toes on the pulse and stay tuned to our evolving website, I can’t wait to get you ankle deep into more ashiatsu training from the Center for Barefoot Massage.
-Jeni Spring, LMT, MTI

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