Converge & Revitalize: Merging Ashiatsu with FasciAshi techniques for Barefoot Massage Therapists

The past 4 weeks have been jam-packed since announcing the Center for Barefoot Massage and FasciAshi! My business partners, Mary-Claire and Paul, and I… as well as other expert Ashiatsu therapists and future FasciAshi instructors… have been hard at work creating the structure, content and future of this company. I LOVE what is evolving and couldn’t be more excited!

I wouldn’t be where I am now if it weren’t for everything and everyone that has brought me to this point: and I’m forever grateful to those many people… including my past students! Part the reasoning behind the creation of this new movement in training is that I understand the niche feild of barefoot massage very well and recognize that there is a strong need for more challenging tissue-issues to be addressed within Ashiatsu sessions. I know that you all know there is more to barefoot massage than just a relaxation massage. (Although that is VERY powerful, needed and important in itself!)
If you are a massage therapist who has trained with me at my Texas Ashiatsu training center, or any of my classes across the nation (even that one time in Germany!) or if you are an LMT who already has formal Ashiatsu training,  the Center for Barefoot Massage wants you and your Ashiatsu skill level to continue to grow.

How can existing Ashiatsu therapists learn FasciAshi from the Center of Barefoot Massage?


[kuh n-vurj]

verb (used without object), converged, converging.

1. to tend to meet in a point or line; incline toward each other, as lines that are not parallel.

2. to tend to a common result, conclusion, etc.


Approach, focus, come together. Mingle, merge, combine.

Option #1: take the Converge class.  It’s a 1 day “down and dirty” quick class to teach you as many FasciAshi tricks as we can from the Fundamentals class to blend into whatever you already know. (Proof of attendance in another ashiatsu workshop is required first.) This is a fast-paced class to squeeze everything into your busy schedule! You’ll just get to give and receive everything real quick once from another student. Due to time constraints there will not be a chance to work on an instructor or a client, and no chance to completely clean up your bodymechanics, but at least you can plug in the new material to your sessions as soon as you get back to your own bars at work! You’ll get 8 CE’s and it’s $224. (We’ll also be offering this for the Intermediate Supine/Sidebody, as well as ROM classes – so watch for Converge classes on each topic.)



verb (used with object), re·vi·tal·ized, re·vi·tal·iz·ing.

1. to give new life to.

2. to give new vitality or vigor to.


Restore, replenish, revive. Refresh, rejuvinate, resuscitate.

Option #2:  Revitalize your ashiatsu practice 1 day at a time in an existing FasciAshi class. Participate in any class on our schedule equivalent to one you have taken elsewhere (proof of prior ashiatsu training attendance is required first.) Availability of this option may be limited, as it is dependant on how many full-priced attendees are already enrolled in any given class. You’ll be paired with another Revitalizing bodywork buddy so that you two can follow along, picking up what we throw down, having fun on the bars observing and participaing in every stroke while it’s being taught at the normal classroom pace. If time allows, the instructor will be able to come over to your table and give you some indivualized attention, but please keep in mind that the instructor has to focus on the new, full-price-paying students who are in class for the 1st time.

A heads up about the daily format for our Fundamentals class: Day 1 is lower body posterior AND anterior…. day 2 is upperbody posterior and anterior, and day 3 is massaging big guys all day long! It’s not like you are attending the same class you last took with me all over again, where we did the same work everyday for 3 days in a row. The Intermediate Supine/Sidebody class is now 1.5-2 days long, 12 hours, and the ROM class is not your average table-thai meets barefoot massage course. We’ve got new material and a new format! So just coming for a 1 day Revitalize class will only get you a chunk of the information from each class, but it will give you much more insight and practice on that chunk compared to our quickie Converge class listed above. 

Option #3: take the whole course, you’ll love it! You’ll be surrounded by LMT’s new to barefoot massage, you’ll get to get back to your roots, ground yourself in cultivated content, and learn the new techniques with a beginners mind. In our full-length FasciAshi courses, you’ll have the opportunity to give and receive daily with a massage partner, massage the instructor, feel every stroke from the instructor AND massage 2 clients on the last day of class… so you can expect lots of practice, a focus on details within the strokes, a complete recheck on your body mechanics, plus you will really experience and learn how to implement the theories of trigger point, myofascial release and direction of pressure applied within your barefoot massage. You will be eligible for FasciAshi certification once that’s ready, and will have a lifetime access to our Alumni Membership support website to further saturate your knowledge.

Our entire roster of classes are available to you – whether you are new to Ashiatsu or not.

We’re bringing new classes (and even more that we haven’t announced yet) with solid content in each detailed massage stroke, so that you can retire your hands if you want, and your massage practice can be super-specialized in barefoot massage therapy.
FasciAshi Fundamentals: Beginner level training. 3 transformational days, $670, and 24 NCBTMB Ce’s.

FasciAshi Intermediate: Supine/Sidebody: Intermediate level trianing: 12 CE’s, $335

FasciAshi ROM: 2 days (with a 1/2 extra day coming soon!) 16 CE’s  $447

Advanced FasciAshi: COMING SOON!

Coming later this year: classes catering to your specialization: Relaxation / Sports / Clinical

Anyways, as a super uber-fan of Ashiatsu myself, I’m WAY excited… And if you are even a smidge as addicted to this work a I am, I hope to see you and your feet in one of our FasciAshi classes across the nation. If you don’t see the Converge and Revitalize classes on our schedules yet, don’t worry, we’re working on adding them in. Keep checking You are gonna love this next level of Barefoot Massage.


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