We stomped out 2016!

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This past year the Heeling Sole Sasquatches really reached for the stars and their Ashiatsu Bars by stepping onto their yoga mats, therapy balls, AND YOU!

We worked our bunions off, and we couldn’t have done it without you underfoot!

Thank you to my entire stellar sasquatch staff at Heeling Sole, (past and present) to all our supporting businesses and fans, and of course to our fabulous clients and fantastic students.

2016 may have been rough in a lot of ways, but we rocked it’s socks off and made it go barefoot!

See y’all next year!

đź’– Jeni


Barefoot massage& Mobility video!

Did you see us, or get underfoot, at the OM Festival 2 weeks ago?

Heeling Sole was out in full force showing or Lazy Yoga massage Ashi-Thai. Check out our video FOOTage from the day, then visit http://www.HeelingSole.com to schedule one of those massages for yourself!


Hands-Free Ashiatsu


Coming to the 2017 Texas AMTA

Massage Convention in Waco

This class will teach massage therapists a sampling of barefoot strokes that don’t require the use of overhead bars!

This isn’t your regular ‘stand-on-the-table-and-hold-onto-a-bar’ kind of Ashiatsu…

…it’s the chillaxin, lazy, “LOOK MA! NO HANDS!!!” version of our technique!

This special convention class FEETures seated Ashiatsu strokes, as well as a special presentation on Fijian Massage – where we’ll try some standing strokes from the floor, while your client is on a padded floor mat. More training is required if you want to provide Ashiatsu or Fijian massage in your practice – but it’s a start!*

If you are curious to see what it’s like to massage with your feet, try this 8 hour course before diving into our full FasciAshi Barefoot Massage training or 16 hour Fijian Massage continuing education programs!

See if it’s for you. See first hand, (or, first FOOT!) if it’s right for your clients.

You’ll meet the feet and train with Jeni Spring and Jessica Jenkins, who are the Texas Ashiatsu instructors, as well as the Barefoot Massage Ninja, Jessica Harrison, who is the Texas Fijian instructor.

You’ll get to give and receive strokes from your partner, as well as from the instructors (so you’ll know what it should feel like!)

No pokey elbows, no painful, breath-taking pressure…. just a sensation of broad, consistent, smooth pressure.

No hand or upper body strength required, so just for this day, give your hard-working massage tools a break and wake up the potential in your feet. Use this class as research into the possibility of retiring your hands, or at least as an overview to see what its like to implement body-saving, gravity assisted deep tissue technique before moving onto ~deeper~ levels of Ashiatsu or Fijian training.

Want to see the full Ashiatsu and Fijian massage styles in action? Don’t miss the Center for Barefoot Massage’s booth in the vendor area, where a crew of experienced Barefoot Massage Therapists will be demonstrating the work – you can even get underfoot and receive 15-30 minute sessions during the entire convention weekend!

Class is 8:30m-6pm, March 31st, 8 CE hours.

  • Early registration: Sign up by 1/31/17 for special pricing: $100 for AMTA members, $108 for non-AMTA
  • Standard Pricing: if you sign up between February 1st – March 9th, 2017: $120 for AMTA members, $128 for non-members
  • Late Registration: March 9th-March 15, 2017: $140 for AMTA members, $148 for non-members

Sign up for this special convention class on the AMTATX.COM website.

Start working on the smoothness of your feet now.

Some items you’ll want to bring to the convention and to this class:

  • A holster
  • Your favorite creme or lotion – oil won’t work as well.
  • A foot sanitizer, such as a spray bottle containing Theives oil, or some other disinfectant.
  • A clean, unworn pair of flip-flops or sandals that can be cleaned easily between each client.
  • Wear capri’s, knee-length shorts, or pants that can be rolled up to the knee. Something easy to move in.
  • Get a pedicure – make sure your soles are smooth and your nails are short – use the same type of care you would take for your hands and fingers.

Got questions about learning barefoot massage? Email Jeni@HeelingSole.com


Ashiatsu at the International Congress of Esthetics and Spa

Look real close and you’ll see Jeni in a small picture doing Ashiatsu at a Spa tradeshow!

Ashiatsu DeepFeet Bar Therapy Blog

If you were at ICES in Philly or Dallas this year, you probably saw some of our instructors, Kate, Jeni and Charlene, promoting BonVital, Performance Health and how their products work so well with Ashiatsu and Ashi-Thai.

We love to use their Foot Balm during Ashi-Thai when we focus on the clients feet – it gives great traction for us, and a lovely tingle for them. During the Ashiatsu massages that glide on the skin, we’ve found that a small mix of the Fractionated Coconut Oil added to the Therapeutic Touch Creme make for a gerat medium to engage tissue while still maintaining an even paced and pressured slide from our feet. The Muscle Therapy creme has the same traction as the Therapeutic Touch line, but has the added benefits of Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, and Arnica in it!   For years we’ve been adding a small drop of Prossage oil…

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Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage Training

Heeling Sole is not only San Antonio’s favorite place to get a deeper than deep tissue massage, it’s also the hub of all things barefoot massage for the state of Texas. As one of few Ashiatsu training facilities in the nation, Heeling Sole is part massage clinic, and part massage continuing education center.

Jeni Spring, Ashiatsu TeacherMassage Therapists from all over the country flock to Jeni Spring’s Ashiatsu workshops in San Antonio, Texas for excellent training in how to massage with their feet. The beginner level class that every licensed massage professional must start with is the FasciAshi Fundamentals class.

FasciAshi Fundamentals is the Center for Barefoot Massage’s beginner level Ashiatsu training. This modern adaptation of an ancient “heeling” barefoot massage technique uses the therapists’ feet like hands! The client relaxes on a supportive, comfortable massage table, while the massage therapist holds onto overhead bars for balance & safe distribution of their body weight, massaging through foot pressure.

Using their feet to go deep, massage students learn to provide a therapeutic and relaxing session for the client who needs more pressure. Standing on the massage table with their hands gently holding the bars, one soft foot will be sliding, gliding, rolling and compressing clients with ease as they experience the “deepest, most luxurious massage”  while the therapists stretch, breathe and dance their way through each session.

This 3 day class focuses mainly on the posterior aspect of the body, teaching ways to easily engage the larger muscles groups and deeper layers of fascial tissue for treatment of chronic pain symptoms. The techniques taught in the Fundamentals class offers quality continuing education for the massage therapist seeking effective deep tissue massage therapy classes. (To learn the strokes that apply to the front and side aspects of the body, simply attend FasciAshi Intermediate: Supine/Sidebody, which is a 1.5 day course offered after Fundamentals.)

The Fundamentals class will allow these advanced massage therapists to get an edge on the massage market in their area and offer a unique approach to bodywork with the FasciAshi technique from the Center for Barefoot Massage. Experienced instructors will discuss marketing strategies to help trainees integrate this new technique into their business, allowing them to offer Ashiatsu massage anywhere. Learn a variety of ways to build and install Ashiatsu bars correctly and easily in any situation. Feel every stroke from the instructor. Daily “feet on” practice on fellow students, the instructor, and the public during training, ensure confidence in applying the technique out in the real world. Small classes limited to 8-10 massage therapists allow for detailed instruction and one on one time.

After training (for you LMT’s out there) your own self-study Certification process begins with documented practical sessions and testing based on the information provided in class. Helpful graduate services and a community of barefoot massage therapists are available for ongoing career support. To supplement and deepen your understanding of the technique, intermediate and advanced level classes, and Revitalize courses are available for graduates. 62b72-11372206_1619730011649594_1793740165_n

If you are a Licensed Massage Therapist, what are you waiting for? Come learn the one-footed, deep pressured gliding strokes of Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage! You can easily apply protocols learned in this class to your existing massage sessions by just hopping up onto the table to save your body and go deeper where it’s needed most, or offer Ashiatsu as a standalone treatment for a full body massage with steady, consistent broad-based pressure from head to toe.


So if you are a massage professional, or know someone who is, then come to class and save your body from stress and strain, lengthen your career and have fun massaging with Ashiatsu!

Sasquatch LMT of the month!

Congrats to the June LMT of the month, AMANDA! amanda2

We love Amanda and, if you’ve met her, we know you love her too.

How long have you been an LMT?
In 2002, I had the honor of becoming an LMT and began my adventures with Deepfeet ashiatsu studies starting in 2005. More recently, after taking a break from my massage career while living in Europe, I have really enjoyed refreshing and updating my ashiatsu skills this year with Jeni and her feetastic team at Heeling Sole. I am constantly honing my skills and learning new things to bring my best to your massage session.

What do you enjoy most in your role as an LMT?
Deep sighs of relief from my clients are what I enjoy most in my work. Facilitating healing, assisting people in letting go of stress and tension, helping them in improving their mobility, and in feeling better in general, these are a few of my favorite things.

What is your favorite muscle group to work on?
Favorite muscle group to work: It’s tough to choose! I see the body, mind and spirit as a complete tapestry, a big picture. That said, I really enjoy working with the back and neck. See? I can’t choose just one group.

What information do you like to receive about your clients before, during and after a session?
What I like to know from clients: your health history, goals for the session if any, feedback about pressure during the massage, how you feel afterwards and what changes you notice immediately and in the following days post massage. Also, I believe details make a difference; whether it be the kind of music you like to enjoy during your massage to what areas you most enjoy having worked, I believe my art is that much better when I am aware of these things.

What drew you to ashiatsu?
Early in my massage career, I read a magazine article about ashiatsu. I found it interesting and filed it in mind for reference, but it wasn’t until I had been doing 6 or 7 consecutive deep tissue massages a day by hand that the article resurfaced to the forefront of my mind. I knew that ashiatsu was going to be a much more effective deep massage for my clients and that it was also going to prolong my career. Back then, I happened to find an opportunity with a wellness center that already offered Deepfeet ashiatsu and promptly signed up for ashiatsu training.

Final thoughts: I am currently seeking 7 new dedicated monthly or bi-monthly clients; would you like to be one of my 7?