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San Antonio Yoga Training and Beginner Yoga Classes

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Texas Ashiatsu Training

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2013 Ashiatsu Workshops in Texas


Happy New Year!  A full year of Ashiatsu classes have been scheduled for 2013 – with at least 1 training opportunity happening each month.

Aside from the amazing barefoot massage classes on my schedule, the National AMTA Convention will be in Ft Worth this September, and so will Ashiatsu! I’m also teaching a marketing class at the local Texas AMTA convention in Corpus Cristi this April. Be there!


To see the full schedule of every class I’ll be teaching, CLICK HERE!

The latest Ashiatsu class in Texas

We just wrapped up another great class in Texas, and four more Massage Therapists now have double the training, double the material and double the fun with their newly aquired two footed Ashiatsu technique!

Listed from left to right, back to front, please welcome: Pauline from Ft Worth Texas, Sazi from Truth or Consequenses New Mexico, that’s me in the middle, Colette from Austin Texas, and Robyn from Duncanville Texas.


Using two feet is pretty neat, and these girls are your newest advanced level AOBT therapists. Great job this weekend!


Texas Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy Workshop Schedule

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Texas two steppin’ double header

I just finished teaching a double whammy of classes almost back-to back: I’ve got a bit of a calm before the storm when I leave to teach Ashi-Thai and present AOBT at a national Massage Convention in Portland in a few weeks, so let me get my feet on you in the office while I’m available! Visit if you’d like to schedule an Ashiatsu session in San Antonio with me before I take off again on October 13th.

Texas Ashi weekend #1 was in San Antonio last week with a group of experienced and Certified Ashiatsu therapists dancing the double footed “dosey doe”. We had a fabulous time learning the advanced strokes together! I am proud to announce 6 more Master Level AOBT graduates are now across Texas, make sure and try a session from Carol in Austin, Courtney in Dripping Springs, April in San Antonio, Jamie in Palestine, Andrea in Austin, and Sally in Richmond!


Texas Ashi weekend #2 was Barefoot Basics in Houston this week, drawing in a new crowd of Ashiatsu beginners from the Texas towns of Marshall, Baytown, Houston, Lake Jackson, League City and even all the way from Lavaca Arkansas! Welcome to the Ashi-family Sandy, Frances, Charisma, Tonya, Marilyn and Michelle, and thanks to our host Hollie for a great time in a great place!


Are you ready to learn Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy? Check out my class schedule and see when I’ll be near you in Texas!



Does Ashiatsu massage the front side of the body?

Of course Ashiatsu also works on the anterior aspect of the body!!!

For the Texas AOBT trained therapists out there, this blog’s for you:


Toes on the nose:    

Nope – we don’t massage the face or the abdomen, but Anterior/Sidelying (I’m going to call it A/S since it’s so long to type out!) not only continues the flow of Barefoot Basics strokes onto the front side of the body – it also gets very specific and works on the areas that “knead” it most, even if your clients don’t think that’s where the problems really lie. You know better than that – with this class under your belt, you can flip them over and give some work inspired by Rolfing and Myofascial Release with your feet! In class, we teach you a simple 15 minute protocol for Anterior, and a 20 minute protocol for Sidelying that will hit everything you wish you were already working on. Check out this picture of Veronica’s Upper Traps and Levator being lengthened and muscle stripped with ease. Now she can stop wearing those shoulders like earrings, it’s just a small example of the many things you’ll learn in one quick day! Wait until you feel the QL release! If you are an AOBT trained LMT, and if you haven’t taken this course yet, what are you waiting for?! Prereq’s are successfull completion of Barefoot Basics and an active LMT license.


A/S Class Schedule:

Advanced Ashiatsu (AKA DF2/Fusion)

It’s coming not this weekend, but NEXT! Class is Friday-Sunday September 16-18 in San Antonio. If you are an AOBT graduate, already finished your A/S training, have about 6-9 months of Barefoot Basics practice, AND have your AOBT Certification completed, then talk to me so we can discuss if you are ready to learn the double footed Ashiatsu strokes! It is HARD, so I will be completely honest with you if I think you are ready for it. Here’s some tips from Mary-Claire on how to prepare (I love how I can rhyme her name with so many things!)  


Shoestring budget?

I am now a vendor for Earthlite! I can get you 15% off anything from Earthlite, INCLUDING the extra special custom Ashiatsu table! (Depending on options you choose, it starts at $345 – fully custom, free shipping – perfect for AOBT.)

I just ordered the Armrest Bolsters ($38.25 after discount) and with a little practice on my footing, it really has helped me keep my clients arms where I want them – they don’t roll way forward and off the front of the table, and if the client would rather have their arms lay on the table, they can now rest a little wider out on these extenders, and there is still the normal room on the table next to their waist for me to stand! Surf Earthlite and email me with whatever supplies you want, I’ll put in the order and get you that discount! 


See you in class!