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Are you in the San Antonio area?

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The newsletter for our clients showing this week’s appointment openings, yoga classes, and info on this Saturdays special Yoga Tune-Up workshop just went out. If you are on the list, then it’s waiting for you in your inbox.

If you aren’t on the list, well, here it is!

San Antonio Yoga Training and Beginner Yoga Classes

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Are you a Licenced Massage Therapist?

Are you ready to learn Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage in Texas?

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See the barefoot massage workshop schedule, and get on the road to Jeni Spring’s Ashiatsu classes, today!

Texas Ashiatsu Training

Do you want to learn Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage? Click the picture to see the schedule


Ashiatsu training coming up for Massage Therapists

Are you a Massage Therapist in Texas looking for a way to end the aches, pains and strains – not only in your clients body, but in your own while you massage? Hours upon hours each week of traditional hands-on massage can really take a toll on your thumbs, hands, wrists, shoulders, neck…. even with excellent body mechanics, it’s very easy to get hurt while providing the massages you love to do.

Take a look at this newsletter, I think you need to read it. 

I’ve seen so many therapists revive their massage careers after learning Ashiatsu. So many had achey-breakey feeling bodies, burnt out and bored brains, and a flatlined massage practice with no edge or niche to differentiate themselves from the massage crowd. Ashiatsu changes all that.

You’ll literally be raising the bar on your practice, you’ll have a unique and advanced massage modality in your toolbelt to grow into, AND you’ll be giving your body a break so that you can use gravity and your body weight to pull off the deepest, most luxurious massage in your town, that clients will LOVE.

Try it, seriously, you might like it. It’s worked out pretty awesome for me! 😉

…I’ve got a class in April with your name on it.

See you soon!

Ashiatsu Training

Learn Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage in Texas

Texas LMT’s: one last chance to learn Ashiatsu in 2011!

Barefoot Basics:

Learn our world famous technique where you will utilize one foot to deliver the deepest, most luxurious massage on the planet while creating a structural change in chronic soft tissue damage! Go deep without even trying, save your body and amaze your clients with the pressure they’ve always dreamed of!

December 1-3 in San Antonio, 1 spot left!

January 12-15 in Houston, 2 spots left!

3 days, 25 CE’s: $595



Ashi-Thai class:

This is a beginner Ashiatsu course – no previous Thai or Ashiatsu training necessary!  Learn to take your client into a passive stretch to engage the deeper connective tissues and joint capsules, increasing range of motion, and reducing chronic pain.

December 15-16 in San Antonio, 3 spots left!

2 Days, 16 CE’s: $399


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or in PDF form here:


Does Ashiatsu massage the front side of the body?

Of course Ashiatsu also works on the anterior aspect of the body!!!

For the Texas AOBT trained therapists out there, this blog’s for you:


Toes on the nose:    

Nope – we don’t massage the face or the abdomen, but Anterior/Sidelying (I’m going to call it A/S since it’s so long to type out!) not only continues the flow of Barefoot Basics strokes onto the front side of the body – it also gets very specific and works on the areas that “knead” it most, even if your clients don’t think that’s where the problems really lie. You know better than that – with this class under your belt, you can flip them over and give some work inspired by Rolfing and Myofascial Release with your feet! In class, we teach you a simple 15 minute protocol for Anterior, and a 20 minute protocol for Sidelying that will hit everything you wish you were already working on. Check out this picture of Veronica’s Upper Traps and Levator being lengthened and muscle stripped with ease. Now she can stop wearing those shoulders like earrings, it’s just a small example of the many things you’ll learn in one quick day! Wait until you feel the QL release! If you are an AOBT trained LMT, and if you haven’t taken this course yet, what are you waiting for?! Prereq’s are successfull completion of Barefoot Basics and an active LMT license.


A/S Class Schedule:

Advanced Ashiatsu (AKA DF2/Fusion)

It’s coming not this weekend, but NEXT! Class is Friday-Sunday September 16-18 in San Antonio. If you are an AOBT graduate, already finished your A/S training, have about 6-9 months of Barefoot Basics practice, AND have your AOBT Certification completed, then talk to me so we can discuss if you are ready to learn the double footed Ashiatsu strokes! It is HARD, so I will be completely honest with you if I think you are ready for it. Here’s some tips from Mary-Claire on how to prepare (I love how I can rhyme her name with so many things!)  


Shoestring budget?

I am now a vendor for Earthlite! I can get you 15% off anything from Earthlite, INCLUDING the extra special custom Ashiatsu table! (Depending on options you choose, it starts at $345 – fully custom, free shipping – perfect for AOBT.)

I just ordered the Armrest Bolsters ($38.25 after discount) and with a little practice on my footing, it really has helped me keep my clients arms where I want them – they don’t roll way forward and off the front of the table, and if the client would rather have their arms lay on the table, they can now rest a little wider out on these extenders, and there is still the normal room on the table next to their waist for me to stand! Surf Earthlite and email me with whatever supplies you want, I’ll put in the order and get you that discount! 


See you in class!




August Ashiatsu

A few weekends ago I held a Barefoot Basics and Anterior/Sidelying classes in San Antonio, and it was amazing as usual! Here’s Colleen, Jaime, David, upsidedown me, Betsy, Kim & Shanna:


And from the Anterior/Sidelying class there was Colleen, Shanna, Suzanne, and April:


Whats next

  • September 7-8th, Ashi-Thai workshop in San Antonio. $399, 16 CE, register HERE
  • October 1-3, Barefoot Basics in Germany! More info HERE
  • I’ll be at the Houston AMTA meeting on September 12th presenting Ashiatsu, another 3 CE opportunity.
  • Ashiatsu at the Ft Worth TAMT Massage Conference October 15-17 offering a 4 CE class as well as a booth in the vendor hall. Stop by to get some Ashi-Shwag and a massage!
  • Existing Ashiatsu graduates: don’t miss the Ashiatsu refresher courses in Austin, Houston, and Dallas! 3 Hours, 3 CE’s, $75, we’ll focus on your body mechanics, application of the strokes, and questions from you!

See for the updated schedule.

Guest CE classes coming to San Antonio this fall:

September 19-20, Fijian Massage,
(Sun-Mon) Taught by Christyn Rittenhouse, the top instructor under the modalities founder, Lolita Knight, for Fijian Massage

October 3-4, Bamboo-Fusion,
(Sat-Sun) Taught by Dari Haffie, instructor under the modalities creator and master of Bamboo Massage Therapy, Nathalie Cecilia.

So now onto actual massaging! For you clients out there, I’m massaging at the office, schedule your session online or call 210.967.4400 to get on my table and under my feet!

Hot footin’ it in San Antonio

Its a hot hot summer in San Antonio, and we’re just warming up! These 8 fabulous pairs of feet were on fire last weekend learning Ashiatsu’s Barefoot Basics course with me.


And these are the ACTUAL feet of the 6 gals who joined me for Anterior/Sidelying!


So say “Howdy” to Dana, Kheng, Summer, Emily, April, Sarah, Suzanne, Kristie, Jordan and Courtney!

I love Portland!

Well, better late than never… It’s taking me a while to catch up to normal life since my trip to Portland!

Our class of 6 amazing massage therapists learned Ashi-Thai at the beginning of June in Portland – in the middle of a funny mix of weather. So here’s a warm welcome into the realm of Ashi-Thai for Nancy, Cheryl, Akemi, Andrea, Darla, and Sarah! It was gorgeous and sunny while we were in class, then torrential downpours of rain afterwards…but still very pretty. During class we had the windows open listening to local bands play on the sidewalk and scooters zoom by, then by night we dodged the rain by running into yummy thai food restaurants!

I don’t have the picture of the students yet – for once I wasn’t taking pictures all day long, I was just enjoying every moment of that RAD town! I received a Chavutti Thirumal massage – of which I’ll post about in detail as soon as I can! So in the meantime here is one picture I snapped from a building near where we were 😉


BTW: New Barefoot Basics & Anterior/Sidelying Ashiatsu class is added to my schedule~ it’s in San Antonio in August!