Would you pay someone to walk on you? An Ashiatsu article by Jane Bianchi on Dr Oz’s website, The Good life

ashiatsu and heeling sole on Dr OzIn mid August I was surprised with an interview from Jane Bianchi for her upcoming article she planned to write on Ashiatsu. I was so honored that she found me and wanted to speak with me to get the facts straight. Over the next few days, she and I went over the details and history of Ashiatsu – why we do it, what’s it about, where to find it – and I ultimately referred her to the founder of Ashiatsu, Ruthie Hardee, since the author didn’t even know Ruthie had anything to do withthis, so I connected the two women for the final definitive answers. She also poked the brain of Dr Paul Christo, MD, (“associate professor at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland, and host of Aches and Gains, a national radio show dedicated to overcoming pain, reducing stress and living healthfully”) who had great, supporting things to say about Ashiatsu.

You can read it online at Dr Oz’s new website, The Good Life,
but I also saved a PDF article here on my website, easy for you to print out and share with your friends, colleagues and clients.

Ashiatsu-for-pain-management-on-dr-ozThe article came out earlier than expected, and hit the web yesterday. I’m
very proud and honored to be used as a resource for such a great article that will help educate the public on the benefits of barefoot massage and expose them to Ashiatsu and FasciAshi as an option for their pain management and self care. Ruthie has given the massage profession, and their clients, a HUGE breakthrough in bodywork through all her hard work bringing her vision of “the deepest, most luxurious massage on the planet” into fruition, I’m just excited to help continue that growth with our FasciAshi instructor team at the Center for Barefoot massage, and the unending wave of footprints from our graduates.

The huge number of shares, “likes” and views to this piece is just phenomenal, I’m SO excited for the growing field of barefoot massage therapy to have this opportunity to be presented on such a respected public source.

Here’s a quote!

The Difference Between Ashiatsu and Other Massages

As you might guess, an Ashiatsu massage goes extra deep — much deeper than the common Swedish massage and even deeper than a deep tissue massage.

“Gravity and the therapist’s body weight behind it helps us penetrate below the superficial layers of tissue, and because we use our feet instead of fingers, it doesn’t feel ‘pokey,'” Spring says.

A therapist might use the flat surface of the foot, as well as the ball, heel, side of the foot or base of the big toe. The therapist will typically perform a full-body massage, but if a client prefers to focus on one particular muscle group, the therapist may be able to customize the massage.

Who Benefits from Ashiatsu Massages

Spring recommends Ashiatsu for people who have chronic pain in their muscles as well as people who have range-of-motion problems.

“Athletes may be the best candidates. They tend to have tense, tight muscles, and their strong bodies can withstand the increase in pressure,” says Paul Christo, MD…

Thanks to everyone who contributed, as well as to everyone who reads and shares this article, as we leave a larger Ashiatsu footprint on the world!

Jeni Spring has been an Ashiatsu teacher since 2008, and is the owner of Heeling Sole Barefoot Massage & Yoga in San Antonio, Texas. She rides scooters and chugs salted caramel coffee.

Jeni Spring, LMT, LMP, MTI



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Deeper than Deep Tissue Training in San Antonio, Texas

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Ashiatsu is Sports Massage Therapy


Schedule a Deep tissue massage therapy

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We specialize in a form of massage called Ashiatsu, which means that we just happen to give deep tissue massage and sports massage therapy sessions with our feet instead of hands, and it’s disguised as a deeply relaxing session! We’ll blend deep tissue massage techniques in with the sports massage therapy style of passive stretching – ALL WITH OUR FEET!

Ashiatsu helps you ease out of common chronic pain patterns – whether it be for back, hip, shoulder or neck issues.

At Heeling Sole, we specialize in Barefoot Massage techniques such as Ashiatsu and Thai massage. We apply elements of deep tissue massage therapy, fascial work, trigger point, with active, passive and assisted stretching into our sessions, which has helped us assist our physically active clients with their weekly muscle recovery routine.

Compare it to what is more commonly understood from hands-on bodywork that you may be used to giving and/or receiving. The benefits of massage therapy as a form of post-event soft tissue injury treatment – it boosts performance, breaks down scar tissue, prevents injuries and loss of mobility, reduces delayed onset muscle soreness, decreases anxiety, enhances microcirculation, improvement of tissue elasticity – there are so many great aspects. What is really interesting is that you can have the same effect with Ashiatsu, as this style of barefoot massage includes a dynamic range of additional benefits for endurance athletes training for Marathons, Triathalons, Iron Man, CrossFit – you name it!

I know what you are thinking: Ashi-what!? It’s pronounced “Ahhh-shiatsu”. “Ashi” means foot, and “-atsu” is pressure.  In this style of massage, the therapist uses gravitational forces and distributes their body weight by holding onto bars in the ceiling, using their feet to deliver the strokes, applying painless pressure directly onto your body.  It works fast, in my practice I’ve noticed that just 20 minutes of Ashiatsu accomplishes the physical benefits that occur in a 60-minute session of a more traditional style of hands-on bodywork. Since our sessions typically last 60-90 minutes (with a 120 minute option available) we can really focus on more than one issue and multitask, getting so much more accomplished.

The effectiveness of deep tissue massage therapy comes from treating all layers of your tissue and your entire body as a whole, resulting in a calmed fight-or-flight response and a dramatic dilation of blood vessels. By massaging you with the larger surface area of a foot – in comparison to a hand or forearm – and by accessing the deeper layers of your tissue without the sensation of pokey pain that triggers muscle guarding, the rate of post-event recovery is faster. The depth is consistent throughout the entire length of the muscle, curbing pain responses and flooding the body with new sensory information to help it evaluate itself and begin to heal.

To encourage pre or post-workout low intensity exercise, passive Thai stretches are incorporated to improve your tissue elasticity and reduce spasms. Ashi-Thai – another form of barefoot massage developed from Ashiatsu and Thai massage ­– offers a unique chance to rest, relax and recuperate from strenuous activities while the therapist maneuvers your limbs and body into deep stretches that you may not be able to achieve on your own. It’s a true form of a therapist-guided exercise program, as the massage therapists at Heeling Sole literally guide your body through movements as you lay there and take a nap! The advantage of this massage — both for the client and the therapist — is that Ashiatsu and Ashi-Thai allows gravity to do the work, balancing the massage therapists‘ body weight to provide a depth and leverage to bring about injury treatment unmatched by other techniques.

 Ashi-Thai is an effective bodywork treatment for many types of athletic injuries – both for prevention and rehabilitation. Most clients report significant decreases pain and significant increases in range of motion and athletic performance after one session. Clients with sports or repetitive strain injuries receiving Ashi-Thai often find they are even more flexible after a series of 3 sessions than before they were injured!

Are you realizing yet that Ashi is so much MORE than just the catch phrase “deepest, most luxurious massage on the planet”? I am continually learning about massage, and this work never ceases to amaze me. If you are in San Antonio, schedule a massage at Heeling Sole to experience this work for yourself. If you are a massage therapist, you can learn this style of Barefoot Massage in my classes.

Which Ashiatsu Training should I choose?

Which Ashiatsu Training should I choose?

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