Toes on the Knows: 2 newsletters are out!

Are you in the San Antonio area?

Do you need a deep tissue massage, or a beginner yoga class?

The newsletter for our clients showing this week’s appointment openings, yoga classes, and info on this Saturdays special Yoga Tune-Up workshop just went out. If you are on the list, then it’s waiting for you in your inbox.

If you aren’t on the list, well, here it is!

San Antonio Yoga Training and Beginner Yoga Classes

Click the picture to see this weeks newsletter!

Are you a Licenced Massage Therapist?

Are you ready to learn Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage in Texas?

Well, there’s a newsletter for you, too!

See the barefoot massage workshop schedule, and get on the road to Jeni Spring’s Ashiatsu classes, today!

Texas Ashiatsu Training

Do you want to learn Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage? Click the picture to see the schedule

Ashiatsu training coming up for Massage Therapists

Are you a Massage Therapist in Texas looking for a way to end the aches, pains and strains – not only in your clients body, but in your own while you massage? Hours upon hours each week of traditional hands-on massage can really take a toll on your thumbs, hands, wrists, shoulders, neck…. even with excellent body mechanics, it’s very easy to get hurt while providing the massages you love to do.

Take a look at this newsletter, I think you need to read it. 

I’ve seen so many therapists revive their massage careers after learning Ashiatsu. So many had achey-breakey feeling bodies, burnt out and bored brains, and a flatlined massage practice with no edge or niche to differentiate themselves from the massage crowd. Ashiatsu changes all that.

You’ll literally be raising the bar on your practice, you’ll have a unique and advanced massage modality in your toolbelt to grow into, AND you’ll be giving your body a break so that you can use gravity and your body weight to pull off the deepest, most luxurious massage in your town, that clients will LOVE.

Try it, seriously, you might like it. It’s worked out pretty awesome for me! 😉

…I’ve got a class in April with your name on it.

See you soon!

Ashiatsu Training

Learn Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage in Texas

This weekends Ashiatsu class

When I’m not massaging you, I’m teaching other Massage Therapists the barefoot voodoo! This past weekend I taught 8 more pairs of feet how to do Ashiatsu! Next weekend is another class, but inbetween now and then, I’ll be back in my massage room to work on all of you.

Happy St Patricks Day San Antonio!

See the class here: Texas Ashiatsu.

2013’s first batch of Barefooter’s


The first Ashiatsu class of the year has happened- and here they are, 8 pairs of fabulous feet ready to massage all over Texas! These therapists are from Austin, Georgetown, Round Rock, and Baytown, Texas.

If you are a massage therapist and you want to join in the fun, come to one of my Ashiatsu classes here in San Antonio! for more info.


Last minute opening in tomorrows San Antonio Ashiatsu class

For any massage therapist ready to learn Ashiatsu TOMORROW!



1 Spot open in tomorrows
Barefoot Basics class!

Take it for the 1st time, ($595 w/ 25 CE’s) or take it again as a refresher (FREE w/ no CE’s!) 

San Antonio, 9:30-6:30pm, 
SIGN UP TODAY – Call me!

Thurs November 15 through Saturday November 17, 9:30am-6:40pm daily:
Call me at 210-623-0026 ASAP – we can talk about payment options if needed.

Texas LMT’s: one last chance to learn Ashiatsu in 2011!

Barefoot Basics:

Learn our world famous technique where you will utilize one foot to deliver the deepest, most luxurious massage on the planet while creating a structural change in chronic soft tissue damage! Go deep without even trying, save your body and amaze your clients with the pressure they’ve always dreamed of!

December 1-3 in San Antonio, 1 spot left!

January 12-15 in Houston, 2 spots left!

3 days, 25 CE’s: $595



Ashi-Thai class:

This is a beginner Ashiatsu course – no previous Thai or Ashiatsu training necessary!  Learn to take your client into a passive stretch to engage the deeper connective tissues and joint capsules, increasing range of motion, and reducing chronic pain.

December 15-16 in San Antonio, 3 spots left!

2 Days, 16 CE’s: $399


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