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The newsletter for our clients showing this week’s appointment openings, yoga classes, and info on this Saturdays special Yoga Tune-Up workshop just went out. If you are on the list, then it’s waiting for you in your inbox.

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San Antonio Yoga Training and Beginner Yoga Classes

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Are you a Licenced Massage Therapist?

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See the barefoot massage workshop schedule, and get on the road to Jeni Spring’s Ashiatsu classes, today!

Texas Ashiatsu Training

Do you want to learn Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage? Click the picture to see the schedule


Get to know your massage: Ashiatsu, Part 1

What is Ashiatsu?

The name of our specialty deep tissue massage technique is Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage, but we tend to just call it Ashiatsu, or “Ashi” for short. The phrase “Ashi” means foot, and -“atsu” means pressure, in Japanese. In plain English, it translates to “pure awesome!” Ashiatsu is a western spin on an ancient form of bodywork, with roots dating back thousands of years from cultures across Asia, India, Africa and the Pacific Rim, but put to use with a modern myofascial, sports, injury treatment based intention underfoot.


What is Ashiatsu? It’s San Antonio’s Deepest Deep Tissue massage, and you need to try it!

Ashiatsu is a barefoot massage technique using deep strokes from the massage therapists’ feet – but it’s not just backwalking – Ashiatsu is more like bodysurfing in that we surf across, around and over your muscles rather than just stand on them.

At Heeling Sole in San Antonio, Texas, we specialize in a deeper than deep tissue massage that can potentially be as deep as each individual therapists body weight plus gravitational forces. If you have had your kids walk on your back, just wait till you get under a trained professionals feet!

Check out what San Antonio is saying about Heeling Sole’s Ashiatsu sessions:

“…She made the environment comfortable and followed through with the best massage I have ever received (and I have had many). It was incredible how she was able to incorporate detailed work with her feet. The level of skill needed to provide this type of massage should not be underestimated…”

“…I cannot believe how much better this is than a traditional “fist and elbow” deep tissue massage!   This technique is immediately relaxing (a little weird at first with someone dancing on your back) but I can’t recommend this enough.  This is perfect for anyone wanting something more effective than a deep tissue massage… or who shies away from massages because they are painful / uncomfortable.  With barefoot massage it is immediately relaxing and relieving, you can feel and hear the knots popping away right away.  And it feels fantastic, like your body is being kneaded and worked like a heavenly piece of cookie dough.”

Ready to get under our feet?

Call us at 210.560.1992 or schedule online from We are open Sunday-Friday by appointment and offer Ashiatsu sessions that last from 30 minutes ($40), 1 hour ($80), 90 minutes ($120) all the way up to 2 hours ($160) long. Massage Packages are available for regularly occurring appointments, and will save you 10-20% off – ask us for more information!

Ashiatsu training coming up for Massage Therapists

Are you a Massage Therapist in Texas looking for a way to end the aches, pains and strains – not only in your clients body, but in your own while you massage? Hours upon hours each week of traditional hands-on massage can really take a toll on your thumbs, hands, wrists, shoulders, neck…. even with excellent body mechanics, it’s very easy to get hurt while providing the massages you love to do.

Take a look at this newsletter, I think you need to read it. 

I’ve seen so many therapists revive their massage careers after learning Ashiatsu. So many had achey-breakey feeling bodies, burnt out and bored brains, and a flatlined massage practice with no edge or niche to differentiate themselves from the massage crowd. Ashiatsu changes all that.

You’ll literally be raising the bar on your practice, you’ll have a unique and advanced massage modality in your toolbelt to grow into, AND you’ll be giving your body a break so that you can use gravity and your body weight to pull off the deepest, most luxurious massage in your town, that clients will LOVE.

Try it, seriously, you might like it. It’s worked out pretty awesome for me! 😉

…I’ve got a class in April with your name on it.

See you soon!

Ashiatsu Training

Learn Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage in Texas

Ashiatsu’s recent graduates

Ashiatsu's recent graduates

This past weekend 8 (actually 9, we are missing Evelyn in the picture here!) new Ashiatsu therapists were born in San Antonio, they all did great in class, and now they are coming to a town near YOU!
Welcome these talented new toes to the family:
Bongmin & Minha from Allen, Texas
Victoria, Rosalyn, and Lisa from Austin, Texas
Elizabeth from Cedar Park, Texas
Amanda from Mustang, Oklahoma
Mireya from Eunice, Louisiana
Evelyn from Sulphure, Louisiana

The December Barefoot Basics “sole’d” out this weekend, too, so if you know a Massage Therapist who is looking for Massage continuing education workshops for deep tissue, or sports massage, and if they want to save their hands, Ashiatsu is where it’s at! Now accepting registrations for the January 17-19 2014 class!

National Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Yarrr! What be a Pirates favorite letter? Nay it’s not Arrrrrr……. it’s the “C” !!!

Earlier this week I taught Ashi-Thai to 8 new massage therapists from all over Texas and even Pennsylvania, check it out here: Ashi-Thai Pirates.

Texas Ashiatsu Training

Texas Ashiatsu Training

Deep Tissue Massage Continuing Education in Texas – learn Ashi-Thai and Ashiatsu in San Antonio. Here’s the schedule of the next few months of classes for you Licensed Massage Therapists out there!

Which Ashiatsu Training should I choose?

Which Ashiatsu Training should I choose?

“Which Ashiatsu class should I start with?” <<That's a pretty frequently asked question! Maybe this will help you find your path!