Heeling Sole studio tour

Here’s what your appointment will be like!

This great video FOOTage will take you on a walkabout inside our clinic to see what happens before and during your session. You’ll see what our styles of barefoot massage look like (and no, barefoot massage is not the same thing as foot massage or reflexology!) and you’ll learn about what we have to offer overall, while getting a tour of Heeling Sole’s lobby, massage rooms, and classroom space.

We are located at 1864 Nacogdoches Road, San Antonio, Texas, 78209 in the Alamo Heights neighborhood of San Antonio, in the Carousel Court shopping center. You’ll need to book an appointment ahead of time, as we rarely have same day walk-in sessions available.

Schedule your Ashiatsu, Ashi-Thai or Fijian Barefoot Massage by calling us at 210.560.1992, or book online!

Not sure what to expect from Heeling Sole?

Your first visit we’ll have you complete a health intake form. Recurring visits entail a breif check up for paperwork and progress sake. After a thorough health intake with your massage therapist, we will be able to best suit the needs of your session for the day. Knowing a history of your aches, pains, diagnosed conditions, past surgeries, trauma, medications, etc. gives us a safe point of reference to start from. Please read this page on our website regarding if Barefoot Massage is right for you at this time.

You must be at least 18 years of age, and weigh over 130 pounds. Texas state massage law dictates that minors may receive massage therapy with the guardians consent and they also state that the parent/guardian be in the same room during the session, however, due to the fact that our massage therapists are at times 2-4 feet off the ground working hard to balance and focus, we do not allow a second person in the massage room as it can be a distraction and a safety concern to all parties involved in the massage.

We’ll leave the massage room to give you time to undress and settle in beneath the sheets on our deluxe w-i-d-e, padded and warm massage table. If you are receiving an Ashiatsu massage, it is imperative that you undress completely. Yes, I said it, there’s not much “undressing to your comfort level” here at Heeling Sole. We need to work directly with the tissue in your booty, legs and your feet, so please, remove your undies and socks as well as all the usual clothing, and we PROMISE that we will keep you covered where it counts with a sheet. Professional draping is required by the state of Texas except with written permission – and we at Heeling Sole never work without draping, even if you want us to. This is a professional massage therapy session, and exposed nudity is NOT our thing. We haven’t ever, and don’t need to see that side of you! Underwear is almost an insult to us. For some reason we have no issues pushing through your lovely skin to engage the muscles, but we do get weirded out when our toes get tangled in underwear or when we simply have to step on your skivvies. It becomes a safety issue, and honestly does remove some beneficial work from the massage if we have to skip an area or work through fabric, rather than glide and slide through the skin. HOWEVER if you are receiving just an Ashi-Thai stretching session, not blended with Ashiatsu, please wear flexible clothing – like what you would wear to work out in. We don’t mind stepping on normal clothes 😉

While you undress, we’ll clean, sanitize and warm our feet, and start the session as soon as we return to the room.

You are in control of your massage, and we need you to give instant feedback on the pressure level – we are looking for  no deeper than the “hurts so good level”, and your comfort is always most important to us. We want almost a play-by-play from the horses mouth as we get to know your muscles and your bodies response to our work. Let us know if it needs to be lighter, deeper, a hair to the left, etc, and we’ll adjust right away! Your feedback does NOT hurt our feelings, it’s encouragement for us to give you the best massage possible that day.

If it helps you to relax by having a little conversation outside of the feedback aspect of our communication, go ahead and talk about your great second cousins crazy encounter with aliens, or your friends amazing food, but don’t feel obligated – we love to hear your stories, or the sounds of your snooze. On the flipside, if your body and mind needs silence, we are ninja’s, and we don’t mind working in stealth mode. (Just don’t forget to speak up when pressure needs adjustments!)

Your job during the massage is to focus on your breathing, be heavy, and physically melt into the table. If we try to move your limbs, don’t help. It’s actually better if you are dead weight. So think ~heavy~, be a bag of bones on our table, and we’ll position, stretch or place your limbs exactly where is best for the moment, or if we need you to help, we’ll definitely let you know!

Sessions will incorporate as much “massage time” as possible, however, your session may require 5 minutes of pre-session interviewing, post-session follow-up and/or self-care suggestions to better enhance your massage experience. We’ll take the massage right up to the last minute possible, and will let you know when the session is over, so don’t worry about the time.

You can choose to end the massage at anytime during the session if it’s not your thing – but we bet you’ll be more likely to want to extend the length of this massage!

Deep thoughts on Deep Massage in San Antonio

Going bar-less today, creating a moving meditation within my deep tissue sports massage here in San Antonio, focusing on intentional EVERYTHING! Without the support of my overhead bars, I had to make every movement carefully & hone in on my balance, not rely on something else to hold me up, NO CRUTCHES, figurative or literal, even though I was 2 feet off the gound.

My barefoot massage sessions today at the Alamo Heights Farmers Market had more Anma, Fijian, Thai, Deeperwork, along with a little bitta Rossiter & Breema in them (go ahead, look all that up… or check out this page on my website which summarizes how we utilize each amazing technique) rather than my usual schtick of Ashiatsu or Ashi-Thai. No bars? Then it’s not ashi, that’s how it goes. Truly.

I even tried to pull of my fave Ashiatsu moves, but they don’t work the same, and they were definitely not effortless without my trusty bars. The bodymechanics, leverage, ease in transferring weight & trust that comes with always having a hold on those overhead support system was gone, & definitely not replicable through the flimsy metal tent frame & horizontal swingy rope. Everytime I tried my Ashi moves, I knew it wasn’t feeling the same to my client, because I wasn’t feeling that the same intent, forces of gravity and leverage, release of pressure and trust were there. I couldn’t get it to happen the same. Nothing can replace the original, no need to reinvent the wheel, today’s exercise in experimentation proved that, and let me pay more attention to the underlying studies I’ve done in other forms of Barefoot massage.

Using my good ‘ol rope that I used to employ back in the days when I offered my Thai & Fijian massages on the floor, I only had enough support incase I wobbled… but I didn’t wobble once!

Being the Ashiatsu purist that I am, and how much I try to preach about its legacy and lineage, I felt untrue to these other forms of barefoot massage by being up off the ground! There’s a method to the madness, and the more I focus on only using my feet to massage, the more training I get in all these techniques, and the more I study the theories behind them I realize that you can bring other barefoot massage styles into an Ashiatsu session, but you can’t bring Ashiatsu into another style of Barefoot Massage unless you have those bars: they are really the magic that makes this specific massage happen.


Heeling Sole owner Jeni Spring providing San Antonio’s best deep tissue sports massage at the Alamo Heights 78209 Farmers Market in Carousel Court

Anyways, I just wanted to post this because 1) I am a rad independent chick who don’t need no support! STAND BACK: I GOT THIS! and 2) because I totally love the support of my Ashiatsu bars & realize how much they’ve enriched my massage as well as my life. Much gratitude to my lovely bars, I take you & everything you offer for granted sometimes.

Metaphors all over the place. Wow.

On that note, if you want to try something similar but different for your next massage at Heeling Sole, ask if your session could be done in our new room, where we’ll take our massage back to its ancestral roots & put it back on the floor. I didn’t put bars up in this room so that we can challenge ourselves to utilize ALL the other amazing styles of barefoot massage that exist. Our Sasquatch staff at Heeling Sole is not only trained in Ashiatsu, but also Fijian, Thai, & soon the whole staff will have Rossiter under their belts.

Get grounded at Heeling Sole & try our floor-based barefoot massage!

Now that’s deep.

Special Black Friday Event!

To help those of you super shoppers the day after Thanksgiving

I’m going to be giving FREE demo’s & samples of Ashi-Thai at Lululemon!


10am – 4pm – BE THERE!

If you’re gonna shop till you drop – at least fall down on my massage table!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Here’s the Heeling Sole newsletter, and to see the Heeling Holidays deals, click here: http://heelingsole.boomtime.com/levent

November Heeling Sole Newsletter to clients

Fall is here and 2012 is near! Read up on what I just sent out to all the fans and clients of Heeling Sole in San Antonio!

Have a healthy appetite for wellness? Special event this Sunday!


Are you curious about Alternative/Complementary Wellness Therapies, or do you know someone who is?


Allow us to be your hostesses for a few hours and experience the entire menu of services available from the Integrative Healing Institute in small delicious bites with friends. Every therapist at the Integrative Healing Institute will be presenting information and demonstrations on our individual specialties to help you better understand what we have to offer! 


For the complete holistic experience we’ll provide edible Tapas (appetizers) to nosh on, while feeding your minds with healthy information! Learn more about Aromatherapy, Reiki and Hypnosis, BodyTalk, Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy and Ashi-Thai Massage, Restorative Yoga and Reflexology from our staff of talented Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers.


Fee: $25 for General Public. $35 for Massage Therapists wishing to receive 3 CEU’s.

Date/Time: August 7th, 1:30pm-4:30pm

Please RSVP at 210.967.4400. Space is Limited


For anyone who attends this event, there will be a complimentary special offer from Heeling Sole Barefoot Massage:


With every 3-massage package purchased, receive a gift certificate for a 30 minute session.

With every 6-massage package purchased, receive a gift certificate for a 60 minute session.

With every 9-massage package purchased, receive a gift certificate for a 90 minute session.

Barefoot Massage Packages must be purchased in person during this “Tapas for the Soul” event, and can be redeemed with Jeni Spring only. This is the 1st “freebie” offer Heeling Sole has put out, so be sure to attend to take advantage of the sale!


Read More about the Integrative Healing Institutes “Tapas for the Soul” »


 ‎*** a note on the special offer: that is something available from me, redeemable with sessions with me only – other Integrative Healing Institute therapists may have offers of their own as well, you’ll have to attend the event to see what we all have to “dish out”, haha!


Are you ready for ROCKtober?


Since the end of my busy summer schedule of workshops, I’ve been having fun massaging my clients in San Antonio. My favorite yearly massage tradition, “Zeptember” is coming to an end, but I won’t let the good tunes stop, as soon as I am back to work on October 20th we’ll celebrate “Rocktober” with even more rockin’ tunes set to a massage vibe, and yes, I do take requests, so rack your brains for what you’d like to rock out to – and I’ll see if I can find it’s zen interpretation. The best part about Rocktober? HOT STONES MAKE A COME BACK! Yep, thats right, a seasonal treat just for you! Complimentary during your 90 minute or 2 hour Ashiatsu session, Rocktober through December.


Earlier this month I was in Houston for their American Massage Therapy Association Unit meeting, presenting Ashiatsu to 20 fun massage therapists. It was great to meet more therapists from this huge state, and see an active AMTA Unit in action. I shared a few of our famous barefoot massage strokes from our two introductory workshops, giving the therapists all a chance to feel what it’s like to give and receive an Ashiatsu session. Two lucky gals won $100 off tuition to any class I offer in the next year, and with the help of my wonderful Ashiatsu assistant Hollie, we began planning a new training facility for the Houston area. More details to come, so please “stay tuned!”


Last week I hosted a Fijian Massage class, taught by a good friend of mine, Christyn Rittenhouse from Rockford Illinois. Her and I learned Fijian massage together in Seattle years ago from the founder of the modality, Lolita Knight. In support of another form of barefoot massage from it’s original source I was so excited to bring this class to Texas and let Christyn, who is now Lolita’s top Fijian Massage instructor, share her talents with us. She even stayed an extra day to teach us her new Asian Fusion Facial class, showcasing her expertise in the art of face massage stemming from her esthetics, massage and Qi Gong background. It was an amazing experience and was great to soak up the knowledge of another barefoot massage instructor and friend, thanks so much Christyn! To learn more about Fijian massage, visit the modalities home page, http://www.FijianMassage.com, or Christyn’s site, http://www.BarefootMassage.org


So whats next? I’m getting ready to leave for Germany! Off to teach Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy in far off places and see the world! Once I get home, I bounce right up to Ft Worth, Texas, to teach at the TAMT Massage Convention, then it’s back to massaging my clients at Heeling Sole for a few weeks before classes start up again. Man I love my job!